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Wizard homes in on equity
Melbourne Herald Sun - Australia
Potential homebuyers prepared to share profits with a lender now have a new product to get them into the property market. Wizard Home Loans yesterday unveiled its Head Start Shared Equity loan, which will lend more than 100 per cent of the purchase price to borrowers in return for a share of the equity down the track. The Australian-first loan is Wizard's response to a government proposal for sharing equity as a way of dealing with runaway house prices.
Melbourne Herald Sun

TM Property Launch YourMap
LBS (Location-Based Service) Zone (press release) - USA
TM Property Service Ltd in partnership with Laser-Scan, Attenda, Intergraph, Ordnance Survey GB (O.S) and Oracle, are set to launch 'YourMap', the first commercial service using OS MasterMap(r) topographic layer in Oracle 9i.

TM Property provides best practice services to conveyancing professionals. It was the first channel licensed by the government to provide data from the National Land Information Service (NLIS). The new product, YourMap will make a whole new dataset available to conveyancers for the first time. It will provide information that will make conveyancing even safer, faster and more cost effective than before
LBS Zone

Clear up confusion on land title deeds
The Times of Zambia - Zambia
Reports coming from Chingola that miners are not collecting title deeds because they do not want to pay land rates make sad reading.

The reports are sad because they expose much ignorance on the part of our citizenry and the confusion that has generally characterised the sale of ZCCM housing units. It is more disheartening that politicians, who are supposed to guide the people, are now misleading them and trying to make political capital out of the matter.
The Times of Zambia

Judge: Residents can't sue for lost property values
Houston Chronicle - USA
Residents living in the Greens Bayou area can't sue for lost property values caused by odors and dust from long-standing Houston Ship Channel industries, the Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The court said the conditions are a "permanent nuisance" under the law and that some 80 residents should have filed their lawsuit years ago. Under the law, a "nuisance" is a condition that substantially interferes with property owners' use and enjoyment of their land by causing unreasonable discomfort or annoyance.
Houston Chronicle

Britain backs land reform
News24 - South Africa
Britain underscored Namibia's commitment to carry out land reform in accordance with the law on Wednesday as it made a £100 000 donation to the ...

SA will meet land restitution deadline, minister insists
Business Day - South Africa
The land affairs department disposed of 537000ha of state-owned land in the past 10 years , Land Affairs Minister Thoko Didiza said in her department's annual report, tabled in Parliament yesterday.

Didiza and her department are under increasing pressure to speed up the restitution and the redistribution elements of the land reform programme. Landless people's movements and others have recently warned of a looming crisis.
Business Day

Son wins battle over shopping mall land
Sunday times - South Africa
A businessman has won his long battle to prove that his father was dispossessed of prime land on which Durban's showpiece Pavilion shopping centre was built. But it is not the multimillion-rand shopping centre site in Westville or financial compensation that Lionel Pillay is after.
Sunday Times

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