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Lawyer's role in mortgage - Everyday Law
Nation Newspaper - Barbados
This week I wish to focus on the role of the attorney-at-law in the process. In Barbados, we have two systems of conveyancing, one relates to titles that are registered, the other relates to titles that are unregistered. For the purposes of this article I will examine the situation where the title is unregistered.
Nation Newspaper

REI Data unveils unique approach to automating preliminary title reports
Yahoo News - USA
REI Data Inc. has released AutoExam(TM), an automated title search application that generates preliminary title reports for escrow and title companies and attorneys. AutoExam's innovative
technology can dramatically reduce the amount of labour and time required for title examination and report preparation.
Yahoo News

Agents face death house inquiry
NEWS.com.au - Australia
THE NSW Department of Fair Trading has launched an investigation into real estate agents who sold an unsuspecting couple the house where Sef Gonzales murdered his family. A spokesman for NSW Fair Trading Minister Reba Meagher yesterday said an investigation had begun into both "the sale of the property and in particular the conduct of the real estate agents involved."

Mortgage brokers to disclose benefits
The Age - Australia
The Mortgage Industry Association of Australia (MIAA) will soon require mortgage brokers to disclose non-monetary benefits to consumers. Under the MIAA's Code of Alternative Forms of Remuneration, gifts such as tickets to sporting events, holiday travel and entertainment will have to be disclosed.

"Consumers that receive recommendations when shopping for a loan have a right to know of any remuneration they believe may influence a broker", MIAA Chief Executive Phil Naylor said.
The Age

Agent wars flare as property sales slow
Smh.com - Australia
A poaching war has erupted among real estate agents in Sydney's most lucrative market as the number of listings plummets. Agents say there is a battle going on to secure the best negotiators because property no longer sells itself, as it did during the boom. One new agency, Goodyer Donnelley Real Estate of Woollahra, has reported six attempts to poach its staff in recent months.

Land deal: 2nd head rolls
News24.com - South Africa
Badplaas - A second Mpumalanga Land Claims Commission (LCC) official, project manager Linda Mbatha, has been suspended as part of the forensic investigation into a dodgy R72m land restitution scheme in the Badplaas valley.

Mbatha's suspension follows that of his boss, regional LCC commissioner Nceba Nqana, three weeks ago following indications that the sales price for 21 vegetable and dairy farms were systematically inflated by local land speculators. The scam allegedly saw the taxpayer over-charged by up to 300% on some of the transactions.

TM brings OS Mastermap to the conveyancer
DirectionsMag.com - USA
TM Property Service Ltd, the first government licensed provider of NLIS (National Land Information Service) information, has introduced another feature to add even greater accuracy for fast property conveyancing. It will bring considerable time saving worth up to £8,000 per annum for each conveyancer.

Called TM YourMapÒ it is masterminded by TM Property's technical team and produced in partnership with Laser-Scan, Intergraph, Attenda, Ordnance Survey, Hopewiser and Oracle. Teaming up with Ordnance Survey has enabled TM to provide OS MasterMapÒ Topography Layer as part of its property search and information package for conveyancers in England and Wales.

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