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CT home prices in world top 30
London - Cape Town is one of the 30 most expensive cities in which to buy prime residential property, a new survey showed on Tuesday. According to the survey, London is the world's most expensive city, beating the glamour of Monaco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokyo, while Cape Town claimed the No 23 spot on the list.

Prime residential property in the seaside city of Cape Town costs on average €4 500 (R42 151.04) per square metre. The British capital though costs a whopping €36 800 (R345 011.70) per square metre, according to the 'Wealth Report 2007'.

Pam Golding Properties report 34% growth in annual sales
RodneyHayter.com - South Africa
A strong performance by all regions and increased market penetration supported by an opening of 23 offices helped contribute to a 34 percent increase in growth by Pam Golding Properties in the past financial year to lift sales turnover for the year ending February 28 to a record R16,5 billion.

With almost 15 000 homes sold during the year, unit sales of residential property increased by 18 percent over the year before, while PGP's average selling price of homes at R1,112m was 13 percent higher than the company's average selling price of R981 000 in the previous year and higher than the national average.

In terms of the group's Empowerment Division, which operates predominantly in the township market sector, PGP's average selling price during the past year was R442,000.

Fais Ombud refuses SA Home Loans leave to appeal
Loan firm clashes with the Ombud over a widow's outstanding debt.
Moneyweb.co.za - South Africa
Fais Ombud Charles Pillai has refused SA Home Loans leave to appeal against an adverse ruling. Pillai argued that SA Home Loans did not appear to appreciate why he had made his finding in the first place.

In January this year, Pillai ordered the company to pay an unemployed widow, Saroja Naidoo, the outstanding indebtedness on her home loan with effect from the date of death of her husband, Subramoney Naidoo.

Pillai found that SA Home Loans had failed to provide disclosures in plain language, so that it had created uncertainty. Most importantly, he said no disclosures were made to the husband who was a party to the contract in terms of which both their lives were insured.

Cape Town leads with 'green' bylaws
Property24.com - South Africa
Within the next five years the City of Cape Town plans to enact a bylaw that will integrate green-friendly practices in the construction of new buildings and seek to make existing buildings more environmentally friendly.

And while Cape Town is leading the way, other metropolitan areas such as Durban, are also taking steps to go green, said a senior researcher at the CSIR.

The process of developing the bylaw in Cape Town has already begun with the finalisation of a draft "Green Building Guidelines for the City of Cape Town", which is seen as a first step and will form the kernel of the planned bylaw, said Grace Stead, Agenda 21 coordinator for the City of Cape Town.

Agenda 21, which refers to the UN programme for promoting sustainable development, falls under the Environmental Resource Management Department of the City.

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