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Recognising the next best thing
Rode.co.za - South Africa
With the residential property cycle having levelled off and heading for a downswing, buyers still wanting to invest should learn to spot up-and-coming areas.

With many a wise word often spoken in jest, investors will joke that they know an area is about to take off when it gets its own Woolworths Food Store and a branch of Pam Golding Properties. This often isn't that far from the truth, says property economist Erwin Rode of Rode & Associates.

"The 'Woolies Factor' cannot be ignored - large retail outlets tend to do extensive research as to where people are moving before they invest in an area," says Rode.

Property market pinch to relax next year - FNB
Business Report - South Africa
An extended slowdown in the residential property market, based on a soft global landing, was expected in the near term as the National Credit Act (NCA) bit on top of increased interest rates, First National Bank strategist John Loos said yesterday.

However, Loos told the Rode property conference near Stellenbosch that the rise in interest rates was believed to be close to its peak and economic growth was expected to pick up next year.

This would lead to a recovery in house prices.

The teething problems of the NCA were expected to diminish over time, with better credit growth to resume off a new, lower base.

Construction sector capacity constraints were expected to fuel higher building costs, while land price inflation was expected to be high.
Business Report.co.za

Property nuts: find a new home
Everything you ever wanted to know about property but were afraid to ask
Moneyweb.co.za - South Africa

Real estate, property, commercial property, residential property. Property has been a smoking hot asset class for years, with all property categories - commercial, residential and industrial - performing wonders in a low-inflation, low-interest-rate, and high-growth environment.

Moneyweb has always followed property trends, keeping an eye on listed property stocks and funds, watching the residential property barometer and keeping a finger on the pulse of real estate. The asset class has grown apace, and now avid investors, property players, interested parties and real estate barons can find a new home at Moneyweb on www.realestateweb.co.za

Foreign land ownership open to debate, says minister
Mail & Guardian
The government welcomes open debate on the issue of foreign land ownership, Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana said on Friday.

She said this particularly applied to the question of whether or not proposed new regulations on land ownership should be put into effect retrospectively.

"We will be guided by the submissions and recommendations coming from South Africans in this regard," Xingwana told reporters in Pretoria.

"The matter is open to debate, but as we sit now we have a constitution that we must respect, we have laws that we must respect."

The minister was speaking at the release of a government-commissioned report and recommendations on the development of policy regarding land ownership by foreigners in South Africa.
Mail & Guardian

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