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Scholarships offered for previously disadvantaged individuals in sectional title sales
Paddocks.co.za - South Africa
The University of Cape Town, Department of Construction Economics and Management (UCT) together with Paddocks, a specialist property firm, are offering five scholarships for previously disadvantaged individuals (PDI) from across the country to attend a specialist 10-week distance-learning course in the sales of sectional title property.

"With over 200 students having graduated from this course in nine months, there is no doubt that the property industry is becoming more professional", says Professor Graham Paddock, the author and convener of the course. Many people don't understand the complexities of sectional title property, which often leads to dissatisfaction after a sale has been completed. Consumers throughout South Africa now have the power to choose a competent real estate agent to assist them in buying or selling their most important investment.
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Only 40 percent get it right first time
RodneyHayter.com - South Africa
Approximately 40% of the loan applications submitted to Nedbank Corporate Property Finance fulfil the bank's loan criteria at the outset and require only minor "tweaking".

A further 40% have to be "reshaped" in liaison with staff to be made acceptable and 20% are without any solid foundations for a loan, according to Richard Thomas, Divisional Director Nedbank Corporate Property Finance (Cape).

Expropriation under spotlight
Fin24.co.za - South Africa
Cape Town - The Public Works department has started on the business of revising the laws on expropriation, which became a matter of urgency following the ANC's National Conference in Polokwane last month.

An announcement from the department on Wednesday said that it will start the ball rolling with a national workshop to be held in Gauteng next month.

The new law will replace or amend the Expropriation Act (of 1975). Thami Nchunu, speaking for the department, said: "It is a restrictive piece of legislation that restricts the state to expropriate only for 'public purpose'. It does not comply with the constitutional provision which states that the state can expropriate 'in the public interest.'"

Law firm happy to change its clocks
Business Report - South Africa
Livingstone Leandy, a law firm in Durban, implemented daylight saving in 1999, thereby enabling its staff to start work at 7.00am and leave at 3.30pm during December and January while school is out.

Gordon Pentecost, Livingstone Leandy's managing director, said yesterday that the basis for introducing it was to provide more leisure time for staff and their families. Energy saving was not the incentive at the time.
Business Report

ANC to crack land expropriation whip
Realestateweb - South Africa
Golf estates, foreigners, farmers and state-owned land are in the spotlight as the ANC agrees to tough property restrictions.

About one in three farms must be redistributed over the next five years, and foreigners should face property restrictions with immediate effect.
These are among the resolutions agreed on at the ANC's recent conference, and now published on the ruling political party's web site (click here to read the resolutions).

The ANC's resolutions set the framework for government policy, so they will lead to financial, legal and other regulations to ensure their implementation.

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