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Household recovery good news for property
I-Net Bridge

An anticipated improvement in the household sector's financial situation is expected to reverse the fortunes of the South Africa's ailing residential mortgage market, says FNB property economist John Loos. This means that after sharp year-on-year declines since mid-2007, the value of new mortgage loans is expected to return to positive year-on-year growth towards the second half of 2009.

However, Loos does caution that the initial recovery in real disposable income growth is expected to be driven in part by higher average wage inflation, and this may mean a period of net job loss and greater income inequality as employers try to contain their wage bill growth.
Business Day

Your property rights - when God is acting
RodneyHayter.com - South Africa
During my first 10 years in the property business, I came to the conclusion that one of the most tricky questions that an estate agent has to answer is "does the roof leak or not"?

For one or other reason - maybe Murphy can answer this one - after every good storm a number of new homeowners will phone to say that they discovered a leak in the roof. Confronting the previous home owner might turn a good estate agent into believing that it must be an act of God to make roofs suddenly leak like this.

So as a good citizen who abides by the law, (and a good estate agent as well) I invented a list that every homeowner had to sign before I would dream of selling their home. The list included the question: Does the roof leak? Well the problem was solved and I never ever had any calls again with complaints of leaking roofs.

Dramatic improvement in property sales - estate agency
RealEstateWeb - South Africa

Rawson Properties' managing director Tony Clarke says business is improving rapidly. Is it among a lucky few agencies?

Tony Clarke, managing director of Rawson Properties, reports a dramatic improvement in business. Here are his views on where the market is - and where it is heading:
The fact that the economy took a marked upward swing in the second quarter of this year (growing quarter on quarter by 4,9% after a desultory first quarter's growth of only 2,1%) should not be taken as an indication that we are now into a strong economic period.

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