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FNB building and fixed investment statistics
FNB - South Africa
A diminishing rate of decline in building plans passed may possibly be an early sign of pending improvement in the residential building environment. However, the figures remains very weak. The existing home market has indeed seen an improvement in demand through 2009, but there remain many stressed sellers in the market, and as such many bargain prices. This, coupled to building cost issues that don't appear to altogether have gone away, suggest that the road to building sector recovery is a long one. As such, we remain of the belief that it may only be in the second half of 2010 that we begin to see positive year-on-year growth in completions, off which will be a very low base.
FNB - Building Statistics

Buying via trust, cc: the pros, cons
Property24.com - South Africa
The alternative vehicles through which a home can still be bought all have merits and demerits that have to be carefully weighed before a decision is made.

So says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank (APKF), who adds that they trusts, closed corporations (cc) or companies can still be the ideal way to purchase property. "Trusts as holding vehicles for property are still eminently suitable where the estate is large and/or requires protection from hasty or irresponsible action by one or more of the potential beneficiaries".

"Holding the property in a trust also gives the trustees the chance to peg the value of the property - which can have benefits in estate planning.

How has social media affected the property industry?
2009 HIP-Consultant - UK
There's no doubting that business participation on social media is the flavour of the month, with almost every established brand now having a Twitter page, a Facebook group and a frequently updated blog, we can assume that there must be some very significant benefits to business' getting stuck in with social media.

The property industry is no exception. In fact, many property agencies and developers are experimenting with multiple accounts that are geographically targeted, and also using less conventional social media websites such as Flickr to promote properties that are for sale. So why is it that we can't resist getting involved in this new generation of Internet communication?
2009 HIP Consultant

Legal Writing Workshop in more centres
LEAD - South Africa

  • Learn to draft your own papers in a manner that is persuasive.
  • Acquire the necessary drafting skills to win more cases and to litigate efficiently.
  • The course offers hands-on one-to-one skills transfer from experienced practitioners.
Legal Writing Workshop

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