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Wanted!!! Attorneys to teach practice management
L.E.A.D - South Africa
L.E.A.D (LSSA) urgently requires experienced attorneys to present/instruct the Practice Management Course to train attorneys 'how to run a legal business efficiently'. If you are interested fax the form not later than 11 June 2010.
Practice Management Form

Deeds Office World Cup arrangements
Cape Town Deeds Office - South Africa
The Deeds Office will be closed on 11 and 22 June 2010. The schedule sent with Communication 12/2010 is withdrawn in its entirety.

Be advised that for prep purposes these days will be regarded as public holidays and an additional day will be given for deeds on prep.

Further information will be communicated when Bafana Bafana progress to 4th round and quarter and semi final games.

Smaller houses in big demand
RealEstateWeb - South Africa
Financial pressure pushing South Africans to purchase smaller houses.

Good news for homeowners of small houses who are looking to sell up and buy something larger, is that smaller houses (80m²-140m²) are the strongest growth category in the year-on-year figures, read Upward trend in house price growth continues.

The average nominal value of small houses continued on the upward growth trend rising 29.2% year on year in May after rising by a revised 24,4 year on year in April. This brought the average nominal price of homes in this category to about R843 700 in May.

Medium sized houses (141-220 m²) experienced a 7.2% year-on-year growth in April, and increased by 9% year-on-year in May, averaging R998 600 in the same month.
Real Estate Web

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