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FNB Second Quarter Buy-to-let Analytics
FNB - South Africa

According to the FNB Estate Agent Survey for the 2nd quarter of 2010, buy-to-let buying expressed as a percentage of total property buying reached a new low of 7%, down further from the previous quarter's 9%. Along with this decline, agent confidence in the near term prospects for this segment of the property market also deteriorated in the quarter.

Despite the buy-to-let market not setting the world alight, agents nevertheless point towards some improvement in rental market fundamentals in 2010. Noticeable is an increase in estimated average gross yields on rental properties, according to agents surveyed, and thus a rise in the percentage of properties where agents believe that the rental income can cover 100% or more of a 100% bond repayment. This is mildly better news for those buy-to-let buyers that utilize credit, although such properties don't yet constitute the majority. This improvement seems to correlate with Rode data that indicates some renewed flat rental inflation in 2010 after a 2009 slump.

Perhaps ironically, these gradual improvements in the fundamentals that underpin the buy-to-let market are probably partly the result of a lack of new rental stock coming onto the market due to weak buy-to-let buying. Such is the nature of cycles.
FNB Buy-to-let analytics

When is it time to upgrade your property?
RealEstateWeb - South Africa
Berry Everitt looks at what factors you should consider.

There are all sorts of reasons for homeowners to contemplate moving to a bigger or more upmarket property, such as the need for more space to accommodate a new home business, growing children or ageing parents, or perhaps just the desire to live in a better area.

But they should not make the leap have made sure most of the following indicators are positive:
* Income. Upgrading will generally mean a bigger home loan repayment every month. You need to take an honest look at your budget and your employment / salary prospects to see if this would make sense for your family.

Road Accident Fund Update 2010
L.E.A.D - South Africa
The Law Society of South Africa and L.E.A.D will be hosting a series of seminars in July and August to discuss the latest developments of the Road Accident Fund Amendment Act, 19 of 2005 and other developments in respect of Road Accident Fund work. The seminars will cover the following topics: RAF Amendment Act, Litigation under the RAF Amendment Act, Constitutional challenge to limited claims, Road Accident Benefit Scheme and New practice directive in the North Gauteng High Court in respect of RAF matters. It will be presented by Nicolette Koch: Partner - Adams & Adams.
RAF Accident Fund Update

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