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It's 'back to the city' now for many semigrants
RealEstateWeb - South Africa
Property sales show a trend of strong and growing demand in the metro areas, and slow or declining demand in many smaller centres.

The wave of property purchasing that saw prices soar in country towns and villages during the property boom has ebbed and is leaving many of them high and dry as lots of new residents start to "follow the money" back to the cities.

This is very clearly reflected in our current sales patterns which reveal strong and growing demand in the metro areas, and slow or declining demand in many smaller centres, where prices are now often too high for local buyers and there are insufficient economic opportunities to attract city buyers with more money.

In fact, what we are seeing in more and more platteland towns now is a distinct reversal of the relocation trend of a few years ago, as many of the people who came from cities and bigger towns a few years ago in search of a better lifestyle in the country pack up and head back to the cities in search of better business or job prospects.

Pietermaritzburg Registrar's Circular 8/2010
Registrar of Deeds - Pietermaritzburg
The purpose of the circular is to clarify and guide examiners and conveyancers on what the cause of deed of transfers could look like that gives effect to the provisions contained in Paragraph 51 of the Eighth Schedule to the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962 as inserted by the Taxation Laws Amendment Act 5 of 1001.
Pmb Registrar's Circular 8/2010

Transfer by waiver
De Rebus - South Africa
Transfer of ownership: In Meintjes NO v Coetzer and Others 2010 (5) SA 186 (SCA) the court was asked to solve an interesting legal conundrum, namely whether it was possible to transfer land from one person to another by waiver of ownership by the original owner to the new owner.

The background to the case was as follows: The executor (who was the son of the deceased and the plaintiff in the court a quo) in a deceased estate claimed for the rectification of title deeds of two farms to reflect the deceased as owner of properties of which the respondents (the deceased's other two children: The defendants in the court a quo) had fraudulently obtained transfer. The defendants raised the defence that the deceased had acquiesced in the fraud and that her conduct constituted a waiver of her right to ownership.
De Rebus

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