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Proposed plumbing certification is an unnecessary bureaucratic imposition, says Rawson MD
Rawson - South Africa
The proposed new Cape Town City Council regulation, which could make it obligatory for home sellers to obtain a clearance certificate on all the plumbing installations in their home, is a useless and expensive addition to an already heavy list of approvals that the homeowner has to pen, says Tony Clarke, MD of Rawson Properties.

"It could," he said, "be argued that the certificates required on electrical networks, gas installations and beetle proofing are necessary because these matters are often not understood by the homeowner or homebuyer, who may well not recognise the problems.

"Plumbing problems, however, are usually easily recognised. If they are in the structure they will probably leave a damp stain. If they are elsewhere, the water will probably be detected at some point, or the owner will notice a spike in consumption."

Calling in a registered plumber to gain certification, said Clarke, will add a fairly large sum to the seller's expenses and this is likely to be added to by "absolutely essential" repair work that the plumber will say is needed before he can sign the certificate.

A profile of the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa
IEASA - South Africa
South Africa's estate agency profession dates from the late 1700s or early 1800s. The first professional organisation was established in the Transvaal in 1905. Similar associations were later formed in the other provinces, and in 1937 they united to form a single national organisation, the Institute of Estate Agents and Auctioneers of South Africa. The auctioneers later left to form their own association.

Until 1994, the Institute was a single unitary organisation, with a president and an executive director. In 1994, it was decentralised into regional institutes, co-ordinated by a national board.
Each regional institute is a Section 21 company, with its own membership, board of directors, staff, training programme, and fee structure. The national board consists of regional delegates, representative of corporate groups, and other directors chosen for their specific expertise.
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Faulty contract cost owner her property
IOL - South Africa
Buying property is considered one of the biggest investments one can make. But the dream of owning your home could be shattered by not understanding your contract.

If you don't understand the contents of your contract or the estate agent doesn't correctly explain the terms and condition of the sale to you, you could lose everything you have put in.

It happened to Mavis Mutisse of De Deur, who thought the property was hers until people arrived at her home ordering her to "put wheels" on it and move because the land she had built on wasn't hers. They said the land had belonged to their late daughter Caroline Mafisa, and they had not given anyone permission to sell it.

Public Works Minister Geoff Doige calls on public to comment on draft property sector charter
IEASA - South Africa
SANDTON - The National Minister of Public Works, Mr Geoff Doidge, MP, this morning (Tuesday, 26 October 2010), called on members of the public to comment on the recently published Draft Property Sector Charter.

The Draft Property Sector Charter was published on the 15th of October 2010, under section 9 (5) of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act No 53 of 2003, and is currently eleven days into the 60 day period set aside for public comment.

Speaking at the event marking the publishing of the draft charter, Minister Doidge described the charter as a statement of commitment by all the role players in the property sector, to a growth strategy based on empowering a broad base of previously disadvantaged South Africans.

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