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Rental Housing Bill submissions deadline
iol - South Africa
The public is invited to respond to the re-drafted Rental Housing Bill that was introduced on October 28, 2011, in the National Assembly.

The portfolio committee on human settlements (“the committee”) met twice to consider submissions, and after much debate, had the Bill redrafted.

Written submissions must reach the committee secretary by 4pm next Thursday, April 5, 2012, with public hearings in parliament scheduled for April 24-25.

A public notice issued by Beauty Nomhle Dambuza, MP and chairwoman of the Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements states, among other things:

“The Portfolio Committee on Human Settlements had embarked on the process of redrafting the Rental Housing Amendment Bill. During the process of public hearings and oversight visits, the committee had witnessed irregularities in the rental sector.

High Court Techniques for Success Workshop
L.E.A.D - South Africa
During the workshop, led by Adv Ismail Hussain SC, the participants will learn through interactive discussions and demonstrations using case studies. There will be minimal formal, theoretical lectures; however, a comprehensive manual will be provided. The practical training aims to 1) provide the skills and techniques for efficient and successful High Court litigation; 2) demonstrate using the Practice Directives to good effect; 3) assist attorneys to obtain favourable outcomes when litigating on a contingency basis; 4) discuss the rules regarding Motion Court practice, for opposed, unopposed and urgent applications; 5) discuss the techniques for effective trial preparation, including pre-trial procedure; and 6) demonstrate preparing the facts for purposes of trial.
High Court  - Techniques for Success 2012 Registration form

Building-construction industry in the throes of stagflation
Rode Review - March 2012
Not only does the building-construction sector remain in the doldrums, it is now apparently also entering a period of accelerated inflation.

This raises the spectre of the S-word – stagflation, a term used to describe a situation in which rising inflation is combined with stagnant or falling economic activity and employment.

According to the Bureau for Economic Research (BER), activity and employment in the building-construction sector have been shrinking since 2008 (see shaded area in corresponding graph).The BER asks a panel of residential and non-residential contractors to rate if building activity and the number of people employed in the building industry are “up”, “the same” or “down” when compared to a year ago. The percentage reporting “down” is then subtracted from the percentage of respondents saying “up” to arrive at a net percentage balance.

'Embrace the property transfer process' 
iol - South Africa
Are you unhappy about how long it takes to transfer your new home into your name? Have you been inconvenienced by transfer delays which meant you had to carry on renting in your old home? Have you had to reschedule your move into your new home due to delays? These are all problems experienced by home buyers on a regular basis, made even more topical now here in Cape Town due to delays coming from the City of Cape Town's Rates Department.

Property transfers almost always take longer than expected. It is a complex process and it can be delayed by many factors. Understanding the process will go a long way in avoiding any surprises and will prepare you for a smooth transition into your new home.

When purchasing a new home, the transfer processes revolve around satisfying the applicable regulatory environments surrounding property transactions. They are the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA), the Transfer Duty Act (SARS), the Value Added Tax Act (also SARS) and the Municipal Property Rates Act. If you need a bond from a financial institution to finance the purchase, then you will of course have to follow that process of satisfying your bank's demand for documentation as well.

The process starts with getting the finance in place after your offer to purchase has been accepted by the seller. Your estate agent can assist by approaching a bond originator or you can approach a bank of your choice.

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