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WinDeed Judgment Enquiries 
WinDeed - South Africa
WinDeed's Judgment Enquiry search allows one to search for judgments on an individual or company and provides the option to request a copy of the judgment document.  The copy of the judgment document will be returned immediately, saving time in obtaining all the details of the matter at hand.

The Judgment result will list all known judgments. Each judgement will show plaintiff and defendant(s) information as well as the nature, date and amount of the judgment.

Anyone in the credit granting or collections process will benefit from this search offering.  

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Absa House Price Indices - April 2012
Absa - South Africa
South Africa’s real economic growth is projected at 2,7% for 2012, after coming in at 3,1% in 2011. Consumer price inflation is forecast to average just above 6% this year, with interest rates expected to remain unchanged until late this year before being hiked to keep especially core inflation (headline consumer price inflation, which excludes the components of food, non-alcoholic beverages, petrol and energy) under control. In view of these expectations, prime and variable mortgage interest rates, currently at 9%, are forecast to peak at 11% by the end of 2013.

The South African housing market is expected to continue showing a subdued performance in respect of price trends in the rest of 2012, driven by the above-mentioned forecasts as well as prospects for the economy in general, and the eventual impact of these on household finances. In real terms, i.e. after adjustment for the effect of inflation, house prices are set to further deflate in 2012 from last year, which will be the result of developments in nominal prices and headline consumer price inflation towards the end of the year.
Absa House Price Indices  April 2012

'Listen to instinct when buying a property'
Iol - South Africa
When inspecting a house with a view to buying it, it is extremely unwise to deny or try to overrule your basic instincts: your fist gut reaction to the home, says Lanice Steward, MD of Anne Porter Knight Frank, should not be ignored.

"Much," said Steward, "has been written about Feng Shui and there is a widespread feeling among some of the general public that it is all nonsense - or that it applies only to hypersensitive people whose cosmic antennae are more developed that those of most of us. I have no fixed opinion on this subject but I have to say that in 25 years of property selling, I have time and again noticed that when all the obvious rational signs point to a certain property being ideal for a particular client, one or more members of the family find that they somehow cannot enthuse about it - or at least about certain rooms in it.

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