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Autocratic management 'create havoc' in sectional title schemes
Iol - South Africa
Do the owners, trustees and bodies corporate of sectional titles schemes and trustees and shareholders of share block schemes have the powers to make any rule?

They can introduce any rule or "law" to regulate the conduct of all owners, tenants and visitors, or to manage the scheme, as long as these are lawful and do not interfere with the rights of others.

Shareholders have a "use agreement" that gives them personal occupational rights and the right to conclude lease agreements.

A well-run scheme is always linked to good management.

It is not unusual to outsource the management of the scheme instead of employing or using the services of one of the owners or shareholders.

In fact, it is preferable to have an independent person or agency managing the scheme.

There are several buildings in the inner cities, unfortunately, managed by autocratic persons.

Residential Building Statistics
Absa - South Africa
2012 saw a continued low level of residential building activity
Building activity in the South African market for new housing remained subdued in 2012 compared with the period of 2005 to 2008. While activity with regard to plans approved for new housing contracted in 2012, levels of activity in the construction phase showed some growth last year on the back of double-digit growth in activity in the planning phase in 2011.

Residential building activity will in 2013 continue to be affected by economic trends, household finances, property investment sentiment with regard to buy-to-let properties, and consumer confidence in general. These factors, together with trends in building costs and lifestyle, are expected to be reflected in the future demand for and supply of new housing, which will also be affected by activity in the secondary property market. Housing affordability is set to remain an important factor in view of households’ financial position, property prices, transaction costs and property running costs. As a result, it is expected that the focus of the majority of homebuyers in the South African market will largely remain on the segments for smaller-sized houses and higher-density flats and townhouses, as reflected by the above-mentioned trends in residential building activity since the mid-1990s.
Building stats Dec 2012

Increasing computerisation and a lack of skills among bank staff have depersonalised home loan applications
Rawson - South Africa
The growing use of computers in almost every bank transaction can have great benefits for those applying for home mortgage bond finance – but it can also often work to their disadvantage, says Bill Rawson, Chairman of the Rawson Property Group.

The advantages of computerization, says Rawson, are that it will be less expensive and possibly quicker than the traditional one-on-one manual method in the long run. This, he predicts, will lead to one or more banks ‘breaking away’ and offering mortgages on easier terms and conditions.

“Already,” he says, “there are indications that one or two banks are contemplating making a move of this kind. If and when this comes about it will be very welcome to the residential sector.”

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