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CCID releases result of first residential survey in the Cape Town CBD
Cape Town CCID - South Africa
The highlights of a residential survey conducted earlier this year by the Cape Town Central City Improvement District (CCID) were released this week, showing overwhelming support for the “downtown” lifestyle that the area has to offer. The first of its kind, the dipstick survey was conducted using SurveyMonkey among 220 residents living in and in close proximity to the boundaries in which the CCID operates, and an infographic with the highlights appears in the latest issue of City Views (October/November 2013) – the CCID’s bimonthly publication.

Based at the CCID and Cape Town Partnership, researcher Andrew Fleming came up with the idea of the residential survey in order to assist the CCID to develop a better understanding of exactly who lives in Cape Town’s Central City area, what they do for a living and how they add life to the CBD when they hit the streets afterhours.
Staying in the Central City

Tenant not responsible for landlord's errors
IolProperty - South Africa
Is the tenant in breach if she refuses to pay her landlord water consumption charges billed four years after usage?

Let us take the case of a tenant who pays on the turn when her landlord presents her with the municipal bill. The landlord indicates on the municipal bill the amount she needs to pay after deducting his payment of the rates and other charges.

Four years later, the landlord realises that through a debit order with the municipality, he, in fact, paid a substantial amount towards the tenant's water consumption charges. He now threatens to cancel the lease if she fails to make the full payment.

Can the landlord cancel for breach if the tenant fails to pay the "outstanding" amount? Is it a breach?

The diligent tenant paid her rental in full and on time as she did all other charges due. She did not question the amount the landlord wrote on the municipal bill every month for four years.

Cancelling an offer to purchase can have serious consequences
Knight Frank - South Africa
Sometimes property deals are hampered by buyers or sellers refusing to perform their contractual obligations.

In such instances, the process of establishing what the Law of Contract is can be a vast, complex one, says Shan Hulbert of Knight Frank Residential SA.

Some examples of such repudiation could be:

  • denial of the existence of the contract;
  • contesting the terms of the contract;
  • refusal to perform to the contract;
  • planning to rescind the contract when rescission is not justified;
  • notification by one of the parties that he or she cannot perform;
  • or refusal to perform in full.

Cancelling an offer to purchase

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