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Take the stress out of year-end client communication
The year is winding down, but for many businesses this just means upping the pace to tie up loose ends and prepare for the new year ahead. It is, however, also an opportunity for businesses to reflect on the past year and to show their appreciation for the continued support of their loyal clients.

The benefits of sending a personal note to clients, whether in the form of an annual review or a simple holiday greeting, shouldn’t be underestimated. It ends the year on a good note and sets the tone for the year to come. It also ensures that your brand remains top of mind with your clients and helps your Firm remain friendly and approachable.

This communication can become a time-consuming task; one which proves difficult at this busy time of year. Fortunately for GhostConvey customers, GhostMarketer is the ideal tool to make personalised year-end client communication a breeze.

Property sellers: deciding between multiple offers
ReMax - South Africa
When sellers gets multiple offers on their properties, it might be tempting to accept the offers with the highest monetary value. However, it is essential that they assess each offer on its own merits, says Adrian Goslett of RE/MAX.

"At first glance it would seem that the offer with the highest rand figure would be the natural choice, however the seller should read through each of the offers carefully, paying specific attention to the clauses in each," says Goslett. There are a number of aspects they should pay particular attention to:
Property sellers

November House Price Indices
Absa - South Africa
Sustained steady slowdown in house price growth, with the prospect of continued low growth over the next 12-18 months The gradual downward trend in local annual house price growth since late 2014 continued up to November 2015. Year-on-year growth in the average nominal value of homes in the middle segment of the South African housing market slowed down further to 4,2% in November from 4,6% in October. On a monthly basis house price growth subsided to a virtually negligible level of less than 0,1% in November, contributing to the declining trend in year-on-year price growth. These trends in home values are according to the Absa house price indices, which are based on applications for mortgage finance received and approved by the bank in respect of middle-segment small, medium-sized and large homes (see explanatory notes).

Nominal year-on-year price growth in middle-segment medium-sized and large homes appeared to have levelled out in recent months, with a further slight uptick in growth in November. This may be attributed to the important base effect of a downward trend in price growth in these two segments of housing commencing late last year. This development may have the effect that year-on-year price growth in these two categories of housing may technically show a further gradual upward trend in coming months. Month-on-month price growth, however, remained at a low level in both these segments up to November.
HPI Nov 2015

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