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What’s in a property advert?
Harcourts - South Africa
Open any daily newspaper, weekend spread or browse media online and you’ll more often than not notice the property classifieds or a property related advert. The real estate market remains to be a large advertising contributor to media groups, and rightly so. We estate agents many times have to compete selling the same property, and in the modern age where multiple available platforms undoubtedly influence your reach, structuring your advert is of utmost performance.

We still see many estate agents follow the traditional template of trying to sell the home with elaborate adjectives and hard sell headings. But do buyers and your clients selling their homes respond to those ads, and are you providing your client the service they deserve and more importantly are you making it easy for the buyer to find their desired listing?

The dawn of modern technology and digital marketing has made the inclusion of keywords in your advert an essential component. Your listings need to be worded in such a way that someone searching online is able to find the property relatively easy and then you need to consider that these keywords add weight of your website’s Google ranking as well.
What is in an advert

Credit and mortgage advances
Absa - South Africa
Household credit balances impacted by data distortions in April

The value of and growth in outstanding credit balances, especially unsecured credit, in the South African household sector was in April 2016 impacted by the inclusion of data for the new African Bank as from that month. As a result, year-on-year growth in household credit balances and some of its unsecured components may be distorted for a 12-month period as from April this year.

Growth in outstanding household credit balances was recorded at 2,3% year-on-year (y/y) at the end of April, with the value of these credit balances amounting to R1 462,9 billion.

The value of household secured credit balances (R1 126,2 billion and 77% of total household credit balances) showed growth of 3,6% y/y in the four months up to the end of April this year. This was down from growth of 3,8% y/y up to end-March, which was the result of lower growth in both the secured components of household mortgages (see below) and instalment sales (1,8% y/y at end-April).
Credit and mortgage advances

The right information will assist the agent
ReMax - South Africa
An open communication channel is imperative to the relationship between a prospective homebuyer and the real estate professional they choose to work with, says Adrian Goslett, Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa. He notes that in order for an agent to fully understand what the buyer wants, the buyer needs to feel comfortable that they can divulge information to the agent - openly and honestly.

“The more information a buyer is prepared to give their agent, the better their chances are of finding the right home which meets all their needs. However, there is often rather sensitive information that is entrusted to an agent, such as how much a buyer can afford, so it is important that the agent is reputable and trustworthy. If a buyer works with an agent they trust and are comfortable to freely share information with, the process will be far easier and quicker,” says Goslett. “With the information that the buyer provides the agent, they will quickly be able to narrow down the search and pinpoint the perfect property.”

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