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Property Code now binding
South Africa - IolProperty
Trade and industry minister, Rob Davies, said yesterday that the Amended Property Sector Code had become binding on entities and organisations operating in the property sector.

Davies approved the gazetting of the Amended Property Sector Code in terms of Section 9 of the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment Act on June 28. The Code was gazetted for public commentary towards the end of 2015.

The Amended Property Sector Code is applicable to commercial activities in the residential and commercial industries, as well as the value chain which includes property development, property services, property and facility management, broking, valuation, estate agents and other professional services.

Breaking down barriers – How crowdfunding platforms democratize access in global real estate
South Africa - Times Realty News
Whether it’s tracking steps for a workout or booking a flight online, there’s no denying that technology has made us more connected than ever. However, the “Information Age” has changed a lot more than our fitness routines and travel plans – it has completely transformed how we see the world. Today, many new means of communication have united us across cultures, language barriers and time zones. One area that has grown worldwide in recent years thanks to the utilization of technology is crowdfunding. And since crowdfunding fuses both technology and finance, its recent emergence has undeniably propelled globalization trends by blurring the borders between investors and capital.

As these platforms continue to gain worldwide traction, more and more real estate investors have begun turning towards crowdfunding to conduct their transactions. In fact, real estate crowdfunding (especially global investment) is the fastest growing segment of crowdfunding, having expanded over 155% through 2013-2014. And as proven by the recent release of Massolution’s 2015 Crowdfunding for Real Estate Report, the industry’s growth shows no signs of slowing.
Times Realty News

Home buyers say conveyancing is out of date and too slow, needs technological boost
UK - Property Wire
Home buyers in the UK want the conveyancing sector to enhance technology to increase the speed and convenience of the mortgage process, a new survey suggests.

Only 44% of people who recently bought a home thought the conveyancer was good value for money while 63% thought valuers were and 78% though lenders were.

The research from LMS also found that 32% felt the conveyancer was very slow while just 5% though their broker was not speedy enough, while they also described the technology used by conveyancers as out of date.

Overall the survey found that people regard the conveyancing sector as playing catch up in the mortgage and remortgage process and regard it as less technologically sophisticated than brokers, lenders and valuers.
Property Wire

Can a veggie garden add value to your home?
South Africa - Harcourts
The green revolution has become widely popular, and for good reason, with retail outlets offering organically grown food, businesses installing solar panels for residential purposes and a major surge to reduce wastage by on natural resources, it will continue to become a part of our everyday lives.

This has influenced many of us to examine our own carbon footprint. Especially from a food perspective and its role in this cycle. The knock on effects of this has caused a trend whereby families produce their own food, therefore investing in fresh produce gardens.

But can this addition add value to your home and increase demand when selling?
A veggie garden 

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