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SA's best performing rental suburbs
South Africa - IolProperty
Nine out of the top 20 suburbs that offer the highest yield in the country for rental sectional title schemes were in Pretoria, according to property specialist credit bureau TPN.

Michelle Dickens, managing director of TPN, said Philip Nel Park in the west of Pretoria had an average yield of 20.1 percent over the past five years.

"With 92.3 percent of tenants currently in good standing on their rental payments, that is a pretty impressive return on investment," she said.

Other suburbs in the top five, in terms of the highest yield for rental sectional title schemes, were Kenville in Durban, Avondale, in Pretoria and Grassy Park, in Cape Town.

In the US buying streets is a centuries old trend
It may sound odd that a couple of investors could swoop in and buy a private San Francisco street in an exclusive development for $90,000. Presidio Terrace, an affluent street in the northwest of the city, is now owned by Tina Lam and Michael Cheng, who snapped up the private road at an auction this week.

Lam and Cheng don’t actually own the houses on the street, just the road and common areas. But the canny pair can now charge the street’s well-heeled residents for access and parking on a piece of prestigious property they assumed they owned.

Is your data safe in the cloud?
Australia - Lawyers Weekly
Are practice management, document management and document automation systems better kept on-premises?
Yes … and no.

TECHNOLOGICALLY, YOUR documents and practice management data are probably safer in the cloud than in your own local servers because the people who maintain data in the cloud are maintaining so much data for so many clients that they have very limited interest in the content of your data; and they have high levels of technical and security monitoring skills required to protect your data from technical attack. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a technical attack, but if there is, your defences are better and your data set is one among hundreds.

On the other hand, commercially your data is less safe, for two reasons: first, the small print of many agreements, for example Gmail, has allowed Google to read your data and use it for their own purposes, at the moment to target you with relevant adverts. There is a sense that Google has so much data, your particular data set is irrelevant to them. But the rise of AI (Artificial Intelligence) makes this data increasingly valuable, and your business is increasingly ‘knowable’ as machines are able to make more sense of the data and perhaps use it for purposes other than advertising.
Lawyers Weekly

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