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Electric fence installations subject to safety regulations
South Africa - DSC Attorneys
Electric fencing is a popular security solution in South Africa which, along with alarm systems and CCTV cameras, is used as a deterrent to would-be burglars. However, by nature it is potentially dangerous.

What happens if a fault occurs and who's liable if someone gets hurt? Before you jet off on holiday this festive season it’s worth checking that all is in order.

This is according to DSC Attorneys partner Kirstie Haslam, who says that any homeowner who does not have a valid Certificate of Compliance, issued by a qualified electric fencing installer registered with the Department of Labour, can be held civilly and criminally liable for injuries caused by the fencing.
Electric fence installations

PayProp Rental Index
South Africa - PayProp
Cash-strapped consumers

Overall, this quarterly Index presents an arresting snapshot of the industry in a changing economic climate. Year-on-year rental growth slowed over the past quarter, culminating in a return to historic similarity between rental growth and inflation.

Rental growth may be declining due to various reasons, including affordability, while higher inflation levels could indicate higher prices due to increased input cost, effectively pushing prices up from a supply side. We’ve seen that incomes in general are decreasing, at least in real terms, which means tenant income is worth less now than a year ago.

The rent-to-income ratio showed an interesting and unexpected upward trend, as tenants with higher income levels spend a larger proportion on rent.

However, the tendency of tenants in higher income brackets to rent bigger and better houses might not be a sustainable option if income levels remain flat over time. Tenants of all income levels are affected by the current economic climate.
PayProp Rental Index

'Tis the season to be selling
South Africa - Rawson
Of course, there’s no perfect time of year to sell your home. Each season and time of year comes with its own set of unique pros and cons. Yet there’s something about the festive season that is often over-looked by would-be property sellers. Perhaps it’s because it comes at the end of a year (when most people are feeling at the end of themselves) that a lot of sellers postpone thinking about putting their house on the market until the new year.

But if you’re considering selling your home, here are five compelling reasons to not delay until after you’ve packed away the tinsel.

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