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Delay in transfer duty receipts
South Africa - Pretoria Attorneys Association
The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA), Gauteng Law Council, Pretoria and Johannesburg Attorneys Association recently met with delegates from the SA Revenue Service (SARS) to discuss the delays in the issue of transfer duty receipts.

We would like to bring the following to the attention of practitioners:

Whilst SARS has 21 days, according to its Service Charter, to finalise cases, SARS endeavours to finalise them within 10 working days of the supporting documentation being submitted, if there are no delays. Further, SARS will issue a check list of required supporting documents which should assist in this regard. To avoid delays, it is important to upload the correct supporting documents and complete the declaration as per the checklist.

SARS is always looking at ways to improve service and it was agreed that the legal fraternity will assist SARS by doing the following:
 Pretoria Attorneys Association

Diplomatic guide to neighbourhood disputes
South Africa - ReMax
You’re immersed in a dream in which you are about to be handed a cheque for R100 million. As the tips of your fingers are about to connect with the fantasy cheque, the shrill sound of a power tool drills into your subconscious and hurtles you back into reality. It’s your neighbour doing yet another DIY project at 2am, and you cannot bare it a moment longer. But, what is there to be done about it?

Your initial response may be to call the cops, but this is not always the quickest and best way to manage these sorts of disruptions. You might first want to try and resolve the issue neighbour-to-neighbour. In many cases, the issue can be easily resolved if both neighbours just have an honest and respectful conversation about the issue – the operative word here being ‘respectful’.

72 hour clause is there to help the seller, not the buyer
South Africa - Alexander Swart
Property buyers should realise that the 72 hour clause is primarily for the benefit of the seller and not the buyer, says Rowan Alexander of Alexander Swart Property.

The clause, of which property sellers are sometimes not aware, entitles the seller to insist that all the conditions in a buyer's offer be met within 72 hours of the working week (weekends are not included).

It is usually resorted to if the seller has reason to suspect that the buyer will be unable to meet the conditions or, more commonly, if the seller has received another offer which, if accepted, can be implemented immediately - or at least quickly.
72 hour clause

Conveyancers forced to publish prices
UK - Law Gazette
The drive to make legal professionals more transparent about their prices has stepped up another gear after a niche regulator was told it can force its members to put more information in the public domain.

The Legal Services Board has approved the Council for Licensed Conveyancers' application to make members publish cost and service information on their websites.

Firms will have to make cost information, including whether they have referral arrangements, 'readily accessible' on their website and in alternative formats if requested. The regulator says it will publish guidance and cost estimate templates to ensure quotes are comprehensive and comparable.

The CLC's rules will come into force in December.
Law Gazette

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