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Can I get out of paying fines issued by my HOA?
South Africa - ReMax
Upon checking your mailbox, you’re surprised to find a white envelope with the signature of your Body Corporate and your name just below it. Contained therein is bold red typeface notifying you of a R500 fine for exceeding the 35 km/hour speed limit within the estate. After the wave of panic that follows getting caught red handed has abated, a new sense of unjustified indignation follows: What right do they have to issue fines?

What does the law say?
According to the Sectional Title Act, HOAs and Body Corporates are granted the right to issue management and conduct rules. As with most terms and conditions sheets, most homeowners blindly sign these documents without taking the time to conduct a close reading of the regulations and consequent repercussions contained therein. In the same way that homeowners can easily violate these rules without knowing it, Home Owners Associations can also get away with issuing fines for things that are not stipulated in the rules of the sectional title complex.

Business owners urged to hold off on expanding spaces… for now
South Africa - Property360
Business owners who need to move offices or expand their current office space should try to hold out until after the elections. If they cannot, they need to ensure they do not overestimate how much space they need, advises Chad Shapiro, senior commercial property broker and director of CTS Property Services.

Ideally though, all businesses should promote working from home. “Businesses needing to expand must do so. It would be prudent to wait until after the elections, but you also cannot put your business on standstill in order to wait, so we advise to not over cater for business needs.”

Legal Practice Council Provincial Elections
South Africa - LSSA
The Legal Practice Council (LPC) has announced that the voting process opened on 29 January 2019 at 09:00 and will close on 15 March 2019 at 16h00. Practising legal practitioners who did not receive their personalised URLs to enable them to vote, must please send an email to provupdate@lpc.org.za.

They must provide their full names and surnames, their province of practice, e-mail address and cell phone number. They must further indicate if they are practising as an attorney or advocate.

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