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National Wills Week
South Africa - LSSA
The Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) will hold its annual National Wills Week from 16 to 20 September. Wills Week affords South Africans the opportunity to have an attorney draft a Will for them free of charge. Law firms need to register in order to participate and the deadline is today - 28 June.
Law Society of South Africa

Here's how low-cost real estate agencies end up costing more
South Africa - Rawson
Low-cost real estate agencies have been making an undeniable splash in the media recently. With the cost of living for South Africans rising every day, it’s certainly refreshing to see a service that claims to be dropping prices rather than increasing them. Like many things in life, however, low-cost real estate agencies can’t always be taken on face value. Tony Clarke, MD of the Rawson Property Group, explains.

“It’s always exciting to see new approaches to the traditional real estate model,” he says. “Disruption of the status quo makes for a stronger, more innovative industry, after all. That said, the introduction of new models can make it more difficult for homeowners to understand their options. In the case of low-cost realtors, I think there’s been a lot of buzz around fees, but very little publicity on what those fees actually get you, and what you’d potentially be giving up by going the low-cost route.”

Cape developers still battle to get projects off the ground
South Africa - Property360
"The City of Cape Town must find a balance between urbanising Cape Town and meeting the demand for well-located housing."
Western Cape Property Development Forum, Deon van Zyl applauded the City of Cape Town for publishing its land use and building plan data highlights but said it was far from the reality for developers who battle red tape to get projects off the ground.

Van Zyl says it now takes double the time – an average of between four and eight years – to complete a development in Cape Town compared to a few years ago.

The WCPDF said it understood the tensions facing the city but was “very concerned” with the published land use application data “since it appears to argue that the City has finalised 88% of submissions received in the 11 month period being reported on.”

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