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How to ensure your team adopts new legal technology
UK - LegalFutures
Embracing innovation in the legal field is not new – in fact, it’s now a necessity to keep up with the competition and meet client demands. But how do you get your team to embrace change? Here are a few ways in which you can help your firm adopt new legal technology.

Understand the user experience
One of the first aspects to consider is how your lawyers will use the technology you acquire, and what may be needed to optimise their user experience. Don’t wait for the software to be rolled out to your team to discover issues with the user experience.

Credit and mortgage advances 29 October 2019
South Africa - Absa
Further uptick in household credit and mortgage balances growth

Growth in outstanding credit balances in the South African household sector (R1 708 billion) was marginally higher at 6,8% year-on-year (y/y) up to the end of September 2019 from 6,7% y/y at end-August. Both secured and unsecured household credit balances showed somewhat higher growth in the first nine months of the year compared with growth as at the end of August.

Household secured credit balances (R1 288,8 billion and 75,5% of total household credit balances), which includes mortgage, leasing and instalment sales balances, increased by 5,4% y/y in the 9-month period up to end-September, up from 5,3% y/y at end-August. Mortgage balances growth was up at end-September from end-August (see below) but growth in instalment sales balances (R289,8 billion and 22,5% of total household secured credit balances) slowed down further to 6,6% y/y at end-September after peaking at 8,3% y/y at the end of April this year.
Credit and mortgage advances (Sep 2019)

Modern method of auction popular with motivated vendors
UK - TodaysConveyancer
Modern Method of Auction (MMoA) is becoming popular across the UK as a more buyer friendly option, especially with motivated sellers who want to achieve a quick sale. North East based, iamsold is aiming to revolutionise the way properties are bought and sold across the UK, boasting over 16,500 residential property transactions since it launched.

Founders, Ben Ridgway and Jamie Cooke set up the business over a decade ago to deal with the inherent problems of the UK property market due to its unreliable, opaque and slow-moving nature. Determined to improve the process for the industry as a whole, MMoA was borne to address these failings and was designed to provide an alternative for vendors that need to sell and complete a property sale quickly due to changing life circumstances such as death, debt and divorce.

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