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The rise of webinars in conveyancing
UK - TodaysConveyancer
Webinars have always been a great tool for business, but never more so than during the Covid-19 crisis period.

Social distancing restrictions meant that conferences, training and events were suddenly completely off-limits. This left legal firms with both a gap in their marketing and struggling to provide employees with continued development. Webinars in conveyancing quickly solved the problem, and are now growing in popularity throughout the legal sector.

Social distancing might be winding down, but there are still restrictions in place which make attending events difficult. Adopting webinars as part of your business model is a great, cost-effective long-term solution and in this article we’re going to look at why.

Remote working - in depth defense and mitigating mechanisms (Part 1)
South Africa - Tech4Law
In the context of remote working, the “new normal” of working from home or in the office from time to time, your security strategy is more important now than ever before. While healthcare and other essential workers battle to contain and mitigate the impact of COVID-19, threat actors remain undeterred in their malicious attacks. A recent Mimecast report “The State of Email Security” says that during the pandemic malicious actors have increased their activity, taking advantage of the confusion. At the same time, they are utilizing new and inventive ways to assess and attack the security defenses of businesses.

This emphasizes the need for an in-depth consideration of your IT security from both a remote worker perspective and a holistic one. In previous articles we looked at the potential cost of a data breach and methods of mitigating the risk which included engaging with your trusted advisor to discuss a defense-in-depth security strategy. Let’s define a defence-in-depth security strategy in more detail by drilling down into its layers and along the way I’ll highlight some of the products or strategies that will help you protect each layer.

Factors to consider when investing in today’s commercial property
South Africa - Rawson
Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on most markets and commercial property is no exception. Both landlords and tenants have come under pressure from lockdown fallout and the struggling economy, and many commercial investors are questioning the viability of their portfolios as a result.

According to commercial property expert and broker for Rawson Properties Somerset West, Louis van Rooyen, however, there are still great opportunities for investors who understand the interplay of factors influencing today’s market.

“The first thing every investor needs to remember is that property – whether commercial or residential – is a long-term investment,” says Van Rooyen. “It’s a cyclical market and there will always be ups and downs. The key to maintaining a strong long-term investment trajectory is to drown out the noise and volatility of the moment and focus on balancing the core factors that determine a property’s profitability in every market.”

Forming good remote work habits for law firms
UK - LegalFutures
You likely know the pearl of wisdom that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit. That rule was laid down in a random 1970s self-help book, yet many of us accept it as canon. In reality, how many habits have you actually changed in just 21 days? The truth of human behaviour is, of course, more nuanced and more complex than a prescriptive number of days or weeks.

Quitting smoking could take years to do; a commitment to exercising every day might start out with dedication and enthusiasm for months, only to be undone after a few missed workouts.

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