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Cape Town approves interventions to facilitate affordable rental opportunities
South Africa - PropertyWheel
Cape Town is facing a huge demand for affordable rental accommodation. On the 29th of October 2020, the City of Cape Town’s Council approved interventions to facilitate and fast-track the provision of affordable rental opportunities by private property owners.

Apart from assisting with the dire shortage of affordable housing, the interventions have the potential to stimulate the local economy in the more informal and less developed areas.

The approved report concluded that the City should pursue incentives for private property owners in incremental housing zones to assist with the provision of affordable rental accommodation. The report is based on an in-depth analysis of the small-scale rental market in Khayelitsha. The study found that the market is thriving despite any assistance from government. This market is driven by private individuals who develop rental opportunities on their land by extending their homes or by adding separate rooms or structures – informal or formal.

The City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment, Alderman Marian Nieuwoudt says that property owners in Khayelitsha have demonstrated what is possible and that they can contribute on the supply-side of this market where there is a growing demand for affordable rentals.

The Gauteng Attorneys’ Association Chairpersons’ Reports for 2020
South Africa - Gauteng Attorneys'Association
The Gauteng Attorneys Association is made up of the Pretoria Attorneys Association (PAA), the Johannesburg Attorneys Association (JAA), the Westrand Attorneys Association (WAA) and the Soweto Legal Fraternity (SLF). Each association faces its own challenges and uniquely defined goals driven by the interests and needs of their members. To highlight the challenges, interests, needs and goals that each association faces, the Gauteng Attorneys’ Association presents the Chairperson’s reports from of our member associations for the 2019/2020 year.
Gauteng Attorneys’ Association

Fraud does not oust negligence claim, Supreme Court rules
UK - LawGazette
Lawyers have stressed that the illegality principle in civil claims remains intact despite the Supreme Court finding in favour of a mortgage fraudster in a dispute with a law firm. In Stoffel & Co v Grondona justices ruled unanimously last week that a negligence claim against Kent-based Stoffel & Co should not be barred by the illegality defence, despite revelations that the former client had procured a mortgage advance by fraud.

In the Court of Appeal, Lady Justice Gloster concluded there was no doubt that Kent-based Stoffel & Co had failed to register in Maria Grondona’s favour a Land Registry transfer document form.The case largely centred on the application of the Supreme Court decision in Patel v Mirza, and the principle that no court should aid someone who founds their case upon an immoral or illegal act.

Giving the lead judgment, Lord Lloyd-Jones said the illegality defence should not be permitted where it would result in an ‘incoherent contradiction damaging to the integrity of the legal system’.

Handling customer complaints is tough when you are doing your very best to help them!
UK - TodaysConveyancer
So many hard-working conveyancers are talking about the challenge of handling demanding clients right now and everyone is experiencing delays due to sheer volume of work.

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t want to help their customers. The best reward is to receive a heart-felt “thank you” so a complaint feels like a kick in the teeth!

It’s not your fault. It’s just how it is across the breadth of the chain, but it doesn’t mean you need to take complaints on the chin and pretend they didn’t upset you.

So how do you keep going, remain motivated and stay positive in the face of so much negativity?.

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