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Windeed on the air

Steven Lang recently reviewed Windeed in his Cybersurf insert during SAFM's AM Live show, and he was so enthusiastic that the relevant part of the review is reproduced here:

"Windeed, newscientist and
Hello, good morning and welcome to Cybersurf - your weekly window on the web. I am your Cyberhost Steven Lang - this morning with some rather unusual sites for your pleasure. If you miss any of the addresses, never fear, the Cybersurf blog is near - at

Let's start with a fascinating site for cyber detectives - or for the rest of us who are just plain nosy. Windeed dot co dot za describes itself as an indispensable tool of choice for law firms, estate agencies, credit bureaus, valuers, surveyors, conveyancers and other professionals involved in searching for information in the Deeds Office, Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office, Consumer and Business Credit Records repository or the Surveyor-General. Wow - that's quite a mouthful.

What it really does is find and sell information from all those offices I've just mentioned. My understanding is that all that information is available free of charge anyway - but Windeed saves you the enormous hassle of trying to find the stuff yourself. I have not personally tried a search, but family members and colleagues have been very impressed with
The charges depend on the type of information you want - many of the searches come in at under five rand each while some of the more specialized queries can cost well over fifty rand. This is a really cool site…."

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