WinDeed roadshow

One of the outcomes of the recent, highly successful, countywide series of WinDeed roadshows was the overwhelming support for the imminent introduction of a Deeds Office Tracking System (DOTS) interface in WinDeed. The interface will be available in the next few weeks.

WinDeed's CEO Colin Day was "pleasantly surprised to see how many loyal WinDeed users felt that the introduction of DOTS interface in WinDeed will be beneficial to their business." Day adds that market leader WinDeed remains the tool of choice for property professionals "We have been running countrywide roadshow for a few years now. "

"This year, as we travelled around South Africa, the WinDeed team and I had numerous opportunities to engage with our users and see for ourselves how enthusiastic and supportive they are about our product."

Customers gave a resounding thumbs-up to the off-line search capacity - another successful feature of WinDeed. "Having the off-line search facility means that WinDeed customers can carry on working when the Deeds Office is unavailable", says Colin Day. "It may be crucial to their business, because when the Deeds Office is down, it does not mean that they must be down too."

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