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The following comment from a customer sums up the recent Korbitec product launch: Really impressive that Korbitec can bring such wonderful tools to the market in these tough times and still maintain their pricing..

You must be wondering how Korbitec is able to offer you products at no extra cost at a time when the conveyancing industry is feeling the effects of the burst property bubble.
The answer is simple,

  • With a history of 34 years, Korbitec has been around the block and weathered this storm before.
  • Your support has given us a strong market share according to a recent survey showing the percentage of bonds and transfers which are registered in the deeds office using GhostConvey.
The focus of Korbitec's new products is on intergration and streamlining - being able to do everything from one application as illustrated below.

Importing deeds office data directly into GhostConvey adds great value in terms of speed and accuracy. While requesting document copies from within GhostConvey in text format, is very useful for copying conditions.

The Correspondent Module using system to system communication, allows for:
1. Early notification of instructions for the lodging attorney;
2. All matters for lodgement being maintained at a single point;
3. The ability to produce lodgement lists instantly;
4. Both instructing and lodging attorneys have the same view of the matter status.

In listing these few of the many benefits of the system, it is worth noting that they have being added at no extra cost to you, the conveyancer.
So, don't wait to take advantage of this great technology and book your place on one of our training courses today via this link.

Other products and features worth highlighting include:
GhostConvey links to GhostPractice, which means you can open files, post fees, validate accounts and do payment requisitions all from within GhostConvey. To find out more about GhostPractice go to

BridgingCentral, creates a portal for communication between the attorney and a bridging finance company in order to process bridging finance loans. This is a free service offered to attorneys, simplifying the application process.

InsureCentral, is a Life Insurance Hub, allowing attorneys to send life insurance referrals with the consent of the Mortgagor, to cover bond repayments in the event of death or disability. This is also a free service to attorneys, in fact attorneys actually qualify for a referral fee!

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