Yet another innovation

The matter list is a centralised 'landing area' from which users can access all their matters in a way that best suits them. As the newest addition to GhostConvey, it has been eagerly embraced by conveyancing firms. In addition to the Management Reports which provides financial reporting across matter types, a Message Centre allows you to control all messages coming into and going out of GhostConvey.

Small wonder then that GhostConvey enjoys the support and the endorsement of the big four banks as well as 54 other financial institutions who readily sign off the documentation we generate on their behalf. All the information needed by you to create your bond documentation is passed onto you by them and therefore you do not have to double capture data in GhostConvey.

All of which goes to show once again why GhostConvey is the undisputed leader, the most widely used and the most innovative conveyancing software in the country.

GhostConvey Matter List

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