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28 October 2004

This week: Water is a public resource; tread the servitude minefield carefully, and England to introduce new mortgage rules to protect mortgagees.

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04 November 2004

This week: Mortgage brokers under disclosure spotlight; new land laws in Kenya, and scams are fuelling squatting in the Philippines.

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11 November 2004

This week: shooting to defend property, high resolution property photos and mortgage gripes rise in Australia.

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18 November 2004

This week: South African tycoons fight over prime piece of land, market-driven fees "unfair" to house buyers and get your mortgage at the checkout.

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25 November 2004

This week: loans for the poor in South Africa, abolition of the feudal system in Scottish land law, and municipal costs explained.

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02 December 2004

This week: Goodbye feudalism, hello feuds, restrictions on boom gates and demand outstrips supply in housing market.

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09 December 2004

This week: Estate agents get clobbered, stealing houses and paperless mortgages.

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15 December 2004

This week: Calls to seize land, mortgage lenders in USA plan to outsource, and beware bogus estate agents.

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23 December 2004

This week: Greedy developers, building a property owning democracy and Australia wants to abolish stamp duty on property transfers.
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