Tables of Costs

Conveyancing Tables - May 2013

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner reflects the changes made to the Schedule of Deeds Office Fees 2013 which will come into operation on the 2nd of May 2013, only two months after the last change to the Conveyancing Fee Guidelines  which came into effect  on the 1st of March.  Transfer duty rates have not been changed for the 2013/2014 Budget year. The Tables of Costs consists of the following sections:

  • Summary of Bond Repayment Interest Rates/Costs.
  • Summary of Bond and Transfer Costs.
  • Tables of Transfer costs, and
  • Tables of Bond costs.

Download the May 2013 Ready Reckoner - 19 pages 
Tables of Costs May 2013   

The calculations in the tables are based inter alia on the following applicable legislation:
The Conveyancing: Conventional Deeds (Act 47/1937): Guideline of Fees, and the Conveyancing: Sectional Titles (Act 95/1986): Guideline of Fees as found in the Conveyancing Fee Guidelines 2013, the Schedule of Deeds Office Fees 2013 and the Rates of Transfer Duty

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