E-DRS Bill signed

The Electronic Deeds Registration System Act (still to be gazetted and a commencement date announced) will provide for the development of an Electronic Deeds Registration System – also known as e-DRS – through which South Africa will take advantage of the benefits offered by internet access, e-commerce and global computerisation in the management of security of property title.

The new system will enable the electronic processing, preparation and lodgement of deeds and documents by conveyancers and the Registrar of Deeds.

It will also enable the registration of large volumes of deeds effectively; improved turn-around times for providing registered deeds and documents to clients; countrywide access to deeds registration services; enhanced accuracy of examination and registration; availability of information to the public, and security features including confidentiality, non-repudiation, integrity and availability.

This will greatly enhance security of title and the acquisition and disposal of fixed assets.

Download the Electronic Deeds Registration System Bill, and the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform's presentation on responses/public comments received on the eDRS Bill

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