Examination Guidelines

Guidelines to Prepare for The Conveyancing Examination - A comprehensive, indispensable document by Allen West in which he outlines what prospective conveyancers need to know when preparing for the profession's conveyancing practice examination. Running to over 20 pages, it covers the following topics:

  1. Preparation of the Deed of Alienation.
  2. Preparation of the Conventional Deed of Transfer.
  3. Other types of transfer.
  4. Transfers by virtue of Endorsement.
  5. The Mortgage Bond.
  6. Substitution of Debtors.
  7. Dealings with Mortgage Bonds.
  8. Sundry applications for the endorsement of a title deed of immovable property or a mortgage bond.
  9. Certificates of Title.
  10. Sectional title matters.
  11. Statement of Account.
  12. Chief Registrar's Circulars
  13. Registrar's Conference Resolutions
  14. South African Deeds Journal
  15. Deeds Practice Manuals
  16. Guarantees
  17. Examination criteria.
  18. Requirements.

Guidelines to Prepare for The Conveyancing Exam

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