It actually is faster

With regards to recent comments being made about Local Councils not delivering Rates Clearances in a timeous fashion in the article A giant leap and elsewhere, it has in fact been our experience that the 67 Councils which use Lexis® RatesClearance have all managed to vastly improve their turnaround times in issuing Rates Clearance Certificates.

One of them has actually succeeded in reducing their time from between sixty to eighty days to as little as six to ten days. This has not happened in a vacuum and it is a result of hard work and council employees actively receiving and participating in free training and support from Lexis RatesClearance.

The benefits to be had from using advanced electronic signatures in a secure all-in-one online management system like Lexis RatesClearance are therefore very clear.

Cher Chapple
General Manager – Municipal Solutions

For more information see the Full RatesClearance Council List and find out more at RatesClearance.com

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