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The three speakers amused, entertained and informed attendees with valuable and practical insights into their fields of expertise.  To briefly recap on our speakers and their topics:

John Loos - The Property Market Cycle
John covered the (about) 7 year property cycle which we are currently experiencing and asked - when will we see the light of day?  He looked back over previous market cycles and patterns throughout history, and analysed current market statistics in the light of the current state of the economy and its effect on the property market.  In looking at the property industry’s destiny and how to plan for tomorrow his broad conclusions were that the property market has emerged from the heady heights of the "Death zone" into a sustained, if subdued period of consolidation, predictability and low growth, before entering a period of higher growth over the next few years.

Mike Stopforth - Inside the Mind of Today's Consumer
Today’s consumer is more knowledgeable than ever, they communicate on social and digital networks in a manner which is driving the way in which service providers interact with them.  Their expectations are already changing the way we do business and the property industry in South Africa is no exception. Lawyers and estate agents need to respond to this so that they can take back control of their business.  The bottom line according to Mike is that no business should be without an online plan, and if you do go online don't be boring!

Rivaj Parbhu - The Future Signed and Sealed with E-Signatures
The history and science of encryption is a fascinating if arcane one, but today commerce and business cannot do without it, which is why digital signatures are receiving so much attention.  Rivaj, in explaining what they are and why are they receiving so much attention, looked at how we digitally sign documents and the benefits we derive from digital signatures. He also illustrated the impact that digital signatures are having on the SA property industry and gave an indication of what lies in store.

After refreshments workshops were conducted and seven lucky attendees won mini iPads. 

Own Tomorrow Presentations

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