Payment Solutions

Payment Solutions is a product in GhostConvey which through an efficient, low risk (to the attorney) and cost effective process facilitates the payment of the seller’s rates and taxes on his behalf. The onerous requirement for attorneys to sign punitive undertakings has been completely removed while the client benefits from improved cash flow, allowing him to spend his money on other costs associated with the purchase of his new property.

The product has been designed to make it as simple and efficient as possible for conveyancing secretaries, thus speeding up the transfer process, resulting in the earlier realisation of fees.

The product therefore provides the following benefits:

  • No undertaking is required to be signed by the Attorney.
  • No costs are incurred by the Attorney as these are paid for by the seller.
  • No application forms or any other forms have to be completed (as all the information is aggregated from GhostConvey and submitted).
  • No documentation other than the loan agreement has to be completed.
  • It is simple and easy to use since it is part of GhostConvey.
  • Improved turn-around times result in more bond instructions from the banks as banks rate attorneys based on performance.
  • Arguably the best interest rates are offered in the market. 

For more information read the Payment Solutions Brochure  or contact Louis Malherbe: CEO KorbiCapital -  via email louism@korbitec.com or telephone 011 612 6116.

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