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The Law Society of the Northern Provinces proposes to launch a publicity campaign to promote the role and importance of the attorney/conveyancer in property transactions. It is felt that such a campaign is necessary as the conveyancers have come under increased criticism in the print media, where a perception has been created that conveyancing is a low-level legal activity for which attorneys charge excessive fees.

This perception is misleading and needs therefore to be effectively addressed with a sustained media campaign, one which will also highlight the services and role offered to the public by attorneys/conveyancers and improve the image of the profession and create an environment of client care.


Reader Comments:

Bob Wynne 02/06/2006:

All the Law Societies and the Law Soc of SA should embark on a co-ordinated campaign to promote the image of the profession generally and conveyancers in particular.

Ian Johnson 07/09/2006:

The Law Societies have with all due respect been sitting on their hands allowing countless opportunities to pass them by with no apparent attempt to actively engage the media even by placing advertisements in the press dealing with specific issues and instances thereby highlighting and educating the public as to what value qualified trained competent ethical lawyers can add to the security of transactions, legal rights and the general advancement of the positive interaction between human beings and their corporate structures in our society.

Instead, the stage seems for the most part to be left to the sensationalism by the press of naughty lawyers abusing their positions of trust or overstated "bling" and "adspend" of individual firms aimed convincing the general public for example that conveyancing is no more complicated than getting a laptop to work on some designer "ad agency beach".

No wonder many sections of the public think we are a bunch of untrustworthy, overcharging hypocrites driven by greed and self interest.

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