S118: Cpt - Automation Go Live

The technical solution for the automation of refunds for final accounts of the seller as part of the S118 process has been implemented, but the business Go Live will be phased in. It is anticipated to have information/feedback sessions at the end of March 2016, beginning of April 2016 depending on the availability of suitable venues.

As part of the phased in approach, conveyancers might receive messages of draft refund cases that have been credited. They must not be alarmed and must ignore these messages and take no action until the information/feedback sessions have taken place.

In these sessions, conveyancers will be informed of the various types of message they will receive and at what stage action is required.

Conveyancers will be notified in due course of the time and place of the information/feedback sessions.

S118 - Automation of Refunds - Go Live

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Gina Mascis 18/03/2016:

Does that mean that we need to start getting the sellers to sign the refund forms in favour of ourselves?

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