Online property tracking now in South Africa

17 September 2003

Hassle-free Web-based tracking of conveyancing transactions has just moved a step closer with GhostEnquiry.

E-Conveyancing and the Torrens System

25 September 2003

In a paper entitled Electronic Conveyancing - Challenges for the Torrens System, Russell Cocks discusses the application of information technology management skills to conveyancing.

What benefits?

01 October 2003

While IT offers many benefits, pretending that e-conveyancing will radically ease the trials of moving house is misguided, says Raymond Perry in The human side to IT in the Law Gazette.

Virtual real estate

23 October 2003

The world in which people buy houses online, never having visited the property nor met the seller, agent, a transfer attorney or even a home loans manager face to face, is here.

Company registration enquiries

20 November 2003

An enhanced version of GhostSearch has been released which offers the ability to search the Companies and Intellectual Property Registration Office (CIPRO).

Electronic SG diagram requests

20 November 2003

An enhanced version of WinDeed has been released which offers the ability to request Surveyor General diagrams.

Online survey lodgement

27 November 2003

On 3 November Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) released a digital lodgement service for surveyors.
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