East London

04 July 2005

Responses from just 4 law firms, representing 13 partners, of whom 8 are conveyancing partners were received.

World wide boom

07 July 2005

The property boom is a worldwide phenomenon and according to The Economist - "the biggest bubble in history".

Who gets what

01 April 2004

Buying a house is an expensive exercise, the cost of the property notwithstanding, other costs are incurred. What are they and to whom do they go?

House price index

22 September 2004

Recently The Economist released its house price index of 20 countries. We are second.

Comparative Transfer Costs

25 February 2003

These graphs and tables compare transfer costs for South Africa, the UK, Australia and Canada.

The time it takes to transfer property

02 July 2003

Comparisons are odious, but interesting. This graph compares the average length of time it takes to transfer property in a number of countries.

Comparative bond market share

04 December 2003

This table shows the percentage share of the bond market that banks enjoyed from April 2002 to July 2003.


30 September 2002

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