30 April 2009

Two graphs graphically illustrating the change in the value and number of bonds and transfers registered over the last few years until March this year.

Survey II

11 September 2008

Over three years have passed since the first conveyancing survey, we thought it was about time the GhostDigest conducted another one …

D O backlog statistics

22 February 2007

A graph showing the total volumes outstanding for deeds office document copies.

Transfer duty collections

08 March 2007

The state has raised R5,8 bn in the first 10 months of the 2006/2007 tax year.

Hissing sound

19 January 2006

The Economist recently updated its global house-price indicators.

Deeds Office registrations

09 February 2006

A table showing the number of registrations and recordals in the nine deeds registries.

Backlog statistics

14 September 2006

A table showing Deeds Office document copy backlogs for the five Deeds Offices with document copy facilities.

Claims breakdown

12 May 2005

Most claims against attorneys arise from litigation and the prescription of MVA matters.

Main survey results

04 July 2005

Have a look at the results from our survey, which we ran over May, they make interesting reading.

Johannesburg - West

04 July 2005

Responses from 24 law firms, representing 59 partners, of whom 41 are conveyancing partners were received.
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