Interception of communications

06 October 2005

RICA is now in force and it affects all businesses in regulating how communications can be intercepted.

Personal touch

27 October 2005

Learning about emotional intelligence and employing it in today's competitive and pressured business environment will help to give law firms the edge over their competitors.

Doors swinging

03 November 2005

The Precise Oxford Dictionary defines a paralegal as someone "trained in subsidiary legal matters".

Is PM a fad?

10 November 2005

USA - "Is Practice Management Just The Latest Fad?" asks Susan Lambreth in a comprehensive article on Law Practice Today.

Strategic marketing

24 November 2005

In his last contribution for the year Sean Bosse looks at practice development through strategic marketing.

Reducing Costs with e-Mail

25 February 2003

E-mail, without question, increases productivity and reduces costs significantly. In spite of this, many firms don't use e-mail effectively. Some don't use e-mail at all.

Can you see the wood for the trees?

25 March 2003

One of the distinctions between firms that are doing well out of conveyancing and those that aren't is that the latter are so embroiled in the day-to-day issues of conveyancing that they can't see the wood for the trees.

The SMS and e-mail business revolution

11 June 2003

Reflect on the costs of letters and faxes, and then consider how the proper application of SMS and e-mail technology could bring them down.

More ways for conveyancers to increase profits

03 September 2003

Law firms increase their profits by either increasing fees or by reducing costs. Increased fees flow from price increases and generating additional business. While firms cannot simply increase their fees arbitrarily, a look at what other firms in the industry are doing can pay dividends.
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