2015 Conveyancing Seminar

Allen West needs virtually no introduction. As the Chief of Deeds Training from July 1984 to September 2014 he is presently a Property Law Specialist at MacRobert Attorneys in Pretoria. He is the author of The Practitioner’s Guide to Conveyancing & Notarial Practice, he has published extensively in De Rebus and was until September this year the Editor of the South African Deeds Journal.   Allen is a lecturer extra ordinary at the University of Pretoria and a moderator and consultant of Conveyancing subjects at Unisa. He has presented courses for the LSSA (LEAD) since 1984 and has served on the following boards:
Sectional Title Regulation Board,
Deeds Registries Regulation Board,
Conference of Registrars, and
Numerous other related committees.

This seminar will focus on the 2014 Resolutions (effective 2 January 2015), providing the background to the decisions taken followed by a full discussion on how each resolution will affect the day-to-day drafting of deeds and documents lodged at a deeds registry. Practitioners who do not familiarise themselves fully with the changes risk the possible rejection of deeds and documents resulting in dire consequences for practitioners and their clients.  

This seminar is a must for all conveyancers. Your conveyancing secretary, paralegal and candidate attorney assisting you in the day-to-day practice and procedure in your conveyancing and notarial practice, will also benefit from attending this update.

If you have questions about the seminar itself, please contact or if you have questions about registering for the seminar, please contact Annelie Dagnin at or phone her on 012 441 4669.

Conveyancing New Developments 2015: Brochure and Registration form

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