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In the future

21 January 2021

The Future of Lawyers: An interview with Richard Susskind - Legal Tech, AI, Big Data And Online Courts what you need to know about how AI, big data, and online courts will change the legal system.

A key for post Covid-19 Success

14 January 2021

Online resources such as Lexis® Practical Guidance bridge the gap between understanding the law and knowing how it is applied, and help lawyers to upskill and embrace a learning-for-life mindset to ensure their success in a post-COVID-19 world.

Boost you legal research skills

19 November 2020

Dr Jeanne-Mari Retief, Director of legal consultancy CALIBRICS, in partnership with LexisNexis South Africa, has produced an online, self-paced Practical Legal Research Skills eLearning course for legal professionals.

Consent and legitimate interest

10 September 2020

POPIA: Join Ahmore Burger-Smidt in a free webinar hosted by LexisNexis on what the terms Consent and Legitimate Interest mean and how they will affect businesses and organisations when dealing with personal data.

Free access to Lexis®Sign

10 September 2020

Register for a 30 day free trial with Lexis®Sign and  be able to upload any document to be signed without having to print, physically sign, scan, or email it, via this simple, secure and entirely web-based platform.

The rise of virtual law firms

2 July 2020

COVID-19 has forced the legal sector to embrace technology, and virtual working has become a priority, as it moves towards using reliable legal technologies to meet research and practice needs.

All you need to know

4 June 2020

Join George Findlay, for a FREE WEBINAR as he discusses how electronic signatures have evolved from a convenient extra to a simple and effective compliance necessity for everyone in a COVID-19 reality.

COVID-19 and electronic signatures

22 May 2020

Lexis® Sign brings international standard Advanced Electronic signatures to local and international use, but built on the foundations of South African legislation, all underpinned by the ECT Act.

Stay online with Lexis® Sign

23 April 2020

Digitally-geared businesses are embracing e-signatures. Lexis® Sign not only allows business continuity plans it also ensures that that you don’t lose momentum  - start you free 60 day trial now.

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