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Beating cybercrime 101

25 July 2019

Jack Crook discusses best practices for attorneys to follow to protect their firms, their reputation and their clients from cyber-scams.

Do not compromise cybersecurity

18 July 2019

Anthony Pillay highlights a few of the important issues when considering the technology and technology services that are used by legal professionals.

Cyber liability insurance

11 July 2019

Anthony Pillay head of the LSSA's Cybersecurity Helpdesk discusses cyber liability insurance in the light of cyber liability being expressly excluded from AIIF cover.

Business eMail Compromise

4 July 2019

Anthony Pillay head of the LSSA's Cybersecurity Helpdesk discusses the obligations and potential liability for attorneys arising from "Business e-Mail Compromise".

The Future of Reputation

20 June 2019

A new law and policy forecasting report looks at the potential legal implications of our “reputation economy”, where social standing becomes a commodity or tradable currency.

Phishing scam

14 February 2019

In the light of a recent phishing attack Lexis® Convey has published a reminder with some guidelines to encourage the safe usage of their software.

A point in time

15 November 2018

Subscribers to South Africa’s most comprehensive online legal research tool, Lexis Library® can now view both current legislation and all amendments since 2014.

A free Cost Calculator

26 July 2018

A transfer, bond cost and repayment calculator is a must have tool for a conveyancing practice website. Paddy Crook, goes into the details, and it costs nothing to implement.

LSSA Cybercrime advisory

19 July 2018

The LSSA  has issued an advisory suggesting how attorneys can reduce the risk of IBusiness eMail compromises (BECs) cybercrime fraud when communicating with clients.

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