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Registrar's Circulars New

Chief Registrar's Circular 02/2018

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 2 of 2018: Lodgement of Rates Clearance Certificates - calculation of period when certificates are valid for longer than 60 days.

Registrar's Circulars

Chief Registrar's Circular 01/2018

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 1 of 2018: Inter vivos trusts - To create uniformity for the use of suffixes to identify High Court Master's offices. 

Tables of Costs

Conveyancing Tables - April 2018

The Conveyancing Tables have been updated to reflect the increase in Vat by 1% from 14 to 15% which came into effect on 01 April 2018.

Registrar's Circulars

Pta Registrar's Circulars 01-02/2018

Pretoria RCs No 1 and 2 of  2018: clarity regarding the establishment of townships and how to deal with the incorrect spelling of Township names respectively.


Social Media in the Workplace

Monique Jefferson reviews Social Media in the Workplace - a welcome addition to the libraries of lawyers, employers and social media users.

Registrar's Circulars

Cpt - Registrar's Notice

Cape Registrar's Notice: A request by the Registrar of Deeds asking conveyancers and their correspondents to draft deeds in English.

Registrar's Circulars

Cape Registrar's Notice 01/2018

Registrar's Notice 01/2018: Because of the improper and/or fraudulent use of barcodes, a new process for issuing barcodes was begun on the 5th of February.


Marketing survey results

The results of the law firm marketing survey which we conducted towards the end of last year are out.


Practitioner's Guide 2018

The Practitioner's Guide to Conveyancing and Notarial Practice by Allen West is the most comprehensive treatise on the registration of deeds and documents at the Deeds Registry.