General New

Cancelling a residential lease

Chantelle Gladwin and Renand Pretorius explore the laws governing the cancellation of residential leases and explain proper termination procedures after a breach.

Statistics New

GhostConvey 2016 Survey

It's back: this year's GhostConvey Survey into cost recovery in the conveyancing profession in South Africa is out and ready to be completed in a couple of minutes.

Property24 New

Property 24/10 - 327

This week on Property24: STSMA training workshop in Cape Town; free legal support for landlords and tenants explained; and real estate franchises versus branches.

General New


Allen West details the effect of SPLUMA and the City of Tshwane Land Use Management By-Law, 2016 (the “LUM By-law”) on the registration of property in Tshwane.

Web Bytes New

Web Bytes - 603

This week: Owners and banks differ on property valuations; continued slowdown in residential building activity; and should consumers trust conveyancing “dabblers”?


CRTs and lessees

Tetyana Lobachova discusses the question of  a Certificate of Registered Title being issued as a mortgage to a lessee over its interest in a portion of a registered lease.


Property 24/10 - 326

This week on Solar farming moving to shopping centre rooftops; urbanisation and the future of property; and a 'Double your property sales' IEASA course.

Law Reports

Remember the VAT

Jack Crook reports on the recent case of Gerber v Naidoo which highlights how forgetting about VAT in the excitement of the sale can be a costly oversight.

Web Bytes

Web Bytes - 602

This week: Tips for first time home buyers; Sectional title levies will rise; and is it time to move towards a more attractive buy-to-let opportunity as yields start to rise?

Practice Management

2017 Fidelity Fund Certificates

The Attorneys Fidelity Fund explains the necessity of, and how from the 1 October practitioners may apply for their Fidelity Fund Certificates for 2017.