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COVID-19 property questions

2 April 2020

A newsflash from Miltons Matsemela Inc to which addresses the most relevant questions they have received from the property industry, arising from the COVID-19 lockdown.

Free LexisNexis library access

2 April 2020

LexisNexis is pleased to announce that all legal practitioners will be given FREE access to their online resources Lexis Library and Lexis Practical Guidance, until 30 April.

COVID-19 Resource Centre

25 March 2020

In keeping with our focus on the Rule of Law, LexisNexis South Africa (LNSA) has launched a project aimed at informing the general public of their rights during this difficult time.

COVID-19 and rental payments

19 March 2020

Kayla Shadiack discusses the legal issues and suggests some measures landlords and tenants could consider to best decrease their risks as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Check your zoning

12 March 2020

Running a business in a residential area where its residential character is protected by strong and effective zoning laws? Think again - Jack Crook reports on a recent case.

Regulations published for comment

12 March 2020

With the anticipated commencement of the 2019 Property Practitioners Act, draft regulations were gazetted on Friday 6 March 2020, for comment.

SPLUMA splash

12 March 2020

Robert Krautkrämer and Deon Welz discuss the implications of a rumour that a municipal certificate in terms of SPLUMA will be necessary from October 2020 for property transfers.

Budget 2020

27 February 2020

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni's 2020 Budget sees slight tax relief for property transfers as the threshold for transfer duty has been increased from R900 000 to R1 000 000.

Expropriation without compensation

20 February 2020

Deon Welz and Robert Krautkrämer seek to place certain issues in perspective, with reference to how the Constitution currently reads, and to the proposed amendments regarding EWC.


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