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Help - my bond has been withdrawn

21 May 2020

Deon Welz and Robert Krautkramer discuss the situation where the banks have withdrawn bonds that were approved prior to lockdown, because of a change in the buyer’s financial position.

Sellers - prepare for SPLUMA

21 May 2020

Jack Crook lists three of the main things you are likely to need to have in place for your transferring attorney to obtain a SPLUMA certificate when the requirement becomes necessary.

Deeds Offices open

14 May 2020

The Acting Director-General sent out a circular last Friday - 8th of May - in which he sets out the steps that have been taken to implement a gradual return to work and the opening of Deeds Offices.

Covid-19 Level 4 property transactions

7 May 2020

Robert Krautkrämer and Deon Welz share their views on the impact of Level 4 Regulations on expiring leases; due rentals; transfers registered just before lockdown, but parties could not move, etc.

Leases, contracts and COVID-19

7 May 2020

Jack Crook provides a general guide and some scenarios for landlords and tenants who are asking themselves - what happens if the crisis leaves a tenant unable to pay the agreed rental?

Covid-19 and sale agreements

30 April 2020

Shaaheda Hoosein considers the applicability of force majeure and supervening impossibility as grounds under which a party can suspend or terminate a sale agreement due to Covid-19.

Deed of Sale signing

23 April 2020

Robert Krautkrämer and Deon Welz suggest two solutions for estate agents to get Offers to Purchase signed when they can't meet  buyers and sellers and don't have access to printers and scanners.

A #ThumaMina moment

16 April 2020

A #ThumaMina moment for the legal community: LexisNexis, has responded to the needs of advocates, law firms and the judiciary with initiatives to support and advance the Rule of Law.

A demolition order - after 16 years

9 April 2020

What can you do if your neighbour has started (or finished) building without the necessary municipal approvals? In a nutshell, our courts will very probably assist you with a demolition order - Jack Crook reports.


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