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Termination of a Sectional Scheme

29 August 2019

Nkuba Ngoasheng considers the legal effect of the termination of a sectional scheme and the role of the Registrar of Deeds in issuing a certificate of title ito RCR 41 of 2015.

Securitisation of Personal Servitudes

22 August 2019

Sydney Mekwe discusses the legality of personal servitudes serving as security under mortgage bonds, and issues relating to their registration in the deeds office.

Report adopted

8 August 2019

The LSSA's House of Constituents has accepted the recommendations of the Task Team regarding the poor pass rate of conveyancing admission exams.

Transformation Charter Code

8 August 2019

Deon Welz discusses the practical implications for estate agencies when the “The Property Sector Transformation Charter Code” is elevated into law.

Conveyancing exam preparation

1 August 2019

LEAD has introduced a 3-day workshop in Durban, Cape Town and Pretoria to assist attendees to prepare specifically for the conveyancing examination.

May be omitted

18 July 2019

Allen West lists and discusses a few of the conditions which may be omitted from subsequent deeds of transfer.

Nothing in the Trust account

11 July 2019

A timely warning to both buyers and sellers when appointing transferring attorneys when selling property - Jack Crook reports.

Conveyancers' Responsibilities

4 July 2019

Allen West discusses the cases of Margalit and Heckroodt, and others, which clearly provide for the delictual liability of non diligent Conveyancers and Notaries.

Condoning contravention

27 June 2019

Gert Minnaar argues that Pretoria Registrar's Circular 2 of 2019 condones the contravention of sections 82 and 113 of The Town-Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986.


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