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How late is late?

13 August 2020

Adv Audrey Gwangwa asks whether the legislature intended the period which the court can grant for  the registration of an Antenuptial contract  in tems of section 87 of the Deeds Registries Act, to be open ended.

Getting married? Mine, yours, ours

6 August 2020

Adv Audrey Gwangwa discusses the process involved and requirements necessary for an Antenuptial Contract to be validly executed and registered by the Registrar of Deeds.

Property Subsidence

6 August 2020

Jack Crook reports on a recent Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) decision which has broken new ground (weak pun intended!) in our law, and all property buyers, sellers and owners would do well to take note.

Ownership of land in tribal areas

30 July 2020

Society should be wary of fact that although large sums of money are requested as a purchase price for properties in tribal or rural land no transfer of ownership takes place.

Avoiding a sale in execution

23 July 2020

A note by Audrey Gwangwa aimed at assisting owners in avoiding foreclosure and resultant sales in execution by the Sheriff of the High Court without their knowledge. 

Good drafting matters

23 July 2020

Join legal drafting expert, Advocate Ismail Hussain for a free webinar where he will discuss the importance of and processes to follow for good legal drafting skills. 

SLA Exclusionary clauses removed

23 July 2020

Standard Bank, Investec, FNB and Nedbank will remove contractual clauses in their SLAs that prevented law firms appointed to provide conveyancing services, from acting against the banks on any matter.

To consolidate or to notarially tie?

16 July 2020

Audrey Gwangwa discusses some aspects of either consolidating or notarially tying land, for owners who want to deal with separate portions of land as if they are one property.

Paving the way

9 July 2020

A case note arguing that final legislation is necessary to protect holders of informal land rights, to formalise indigenous communities' land rights, and to ensure that the judgments precede a fundamental change in informal land rights.


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