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A loophole

23 January 2020

Alina Starosta proposes a solution to a loophole in the joint administration of estates by spouses married In Community of Property when immovable property is bought with a mortgage.

DeedsView and DeedsWeb

16 January 2020

Daan Steenkamp applauds and discusses aspects and concerns he has with the termination of DeedsView and its replacement with DeedsWeb.

Rental income and tax

16 January 2020

Jack Crook discusses a number of  general concepts to take in to account when dealing with financial planning and the tax implications of rental income.

Invitation to comment

9 January 2020

Interested persons have been invited to submit written submissions on the draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill - expropriation without compensation - by the end of January.

The year that was - 2019

19 December 2019

As the year approaches its inexorable end, we cast our eyes over a number of the most newsworthy conveyancing articles and stories which we published in the LexisDigest in 2019.

Demand proof of authority

5 December 2019

Trustee/s signing the offer to purchase/sale agreement must have the necessary authority to do so. Drop the ball on that one and you will find yourself without any sale at all - Jack Crook reports.

No more cheques

5 December 2019

City of Tshwane moves to EFTs: 31 December 2019 will be the last date on which cheques will be issued for the purpose of refunding overpayments for clearance applications.

Suffixes in Mortis Causa Trusts

28 November 2019

Chief Masters Directive 04/2019 - to ensure a uniform approach with regard to the use of suffixes in mortis causa trusts by Masters and to guide the public and the industry.

2020 Conveyancing Seminar

14 November 2019

You are invited to join well-known conveyancing specialist presenter, Allen West, for this indispensable overview of the latest developments in the conveyancing field.


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