2019 Conveyancing Seminar

17 January 2019

Allen West's overview of the recent Registrars' Conference Resolutions and what you need to know to lodge deeds and documents in 2019 - a MUST for conveyancers.

BCA Conveyancing course - 2019

31 January 2019

The Black Conveyancers Association Training Academy with LexisNexis® and Juta will be starting a conveyancing course for secretaries and paralegals in March.

Find the Title Deed

31 January 2019

As from 25 February applying for inter alia certified copies of lost title deeds; mortgage and notarial bonds and registered leases will take longer and cost more.

Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 1

07 February 2019

Deon Welz gives an overview and introduction to The Property Practitioners Bill, which once enacted, will substantially change all aspects of the profession.

Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 2

14 February 2019

Deon Welz discusses the transformation of the property sector; compliance and enforcement; the PPRA’S duty to adjudicate on disputes; and finances.

Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 3

21 February 2019

Deon Welz discusses aspects of the Property Practitioners Fidelity Fund including its purpose; control and management; claims; payments; fees; and co-operation by claimants.

Deemed receipt of income

28 February 2019

In which year of assessment must a property developer include the purchase price if payment is received in the following year of assessment?

Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 4

28 February 2019

Deon Welz discusses applications for Fidelity Fund Certificates (FFCs) and related aspects such as the prohibition of rendering services without an FFC.

Property Practitioners Bill Commentary - 5

07 March 2019

In the final instalment of this series Deon Welz discusses property practitioners and consumer protection and concludes with a number of salient observations.

Trust citation

07 March 2019

A question has been asked about the citation of a Notarial Deed and Deed of Transfer, wherein the Trust was cited without any reference to resolutions being made.

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