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Conveyancing fraud

UK: How fraud in the conveyancing industry has grown, the protective measures firms have adopted, as well as considering how it could be prevented.

Practice Management

Risk Alert Bulletin - February 2018

Risk practice management, practice rules and the Legal Practice Act; and a risk management self-assessment questionnaire.

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Marketing myths debunked

Jack Crook debunks a number of myths surrounding law firm marketing, and which consequently hinder their ability to grow the size and quality of their client bases. 

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Protection of Personal Information

The LSSA has released an updated version (Version 4.0) of the Protection of Personal Information Guideline for Law Firms.

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Legal Practice Act advisory

The National Forum on the Legal Profession (NF) held its tenth plenary meeting on 14 October and has made a number of recommendations to the Minister of Justice. 

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LSSA Cyber security seminar

The Law Society of South Africa will be hosting a wide ranging seminar on the nature, threat and implications of cyber security for law firms on the 20th of November.

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Risk Alert Bulletin - August 2017

Comments on the new AIIF insurance year; claim statistics - with a note for conveyancers on cybercrime related claims; and a file audit precedent for practitioners.

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Single Practitioners Seminar

Single practice practitioners: The Gauteng Law Council invites you to a comprehensive practice management and development seminar on the 28th of August.

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Risk Alert Bulletin - July 2017

PI and Executor Policies for the new insurance year. Practitioners are urged to study the two policies carefully in order fully appreciate their terms and conditions.